About the MOOC

A MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is an online course that is accessible to everyone. Access to MOOCs is generally open and free of charge. The only (optional) charge is the delivery of a certificate. MOOCs usually last between four and twelve weeks.

The MOOC “Understanding esports” intends to raise awareness on esports at the European scale. It will provide to our participants a five weeks course with the following programme :

WEEK 1. What is esports?

WEEK 2. Esports and Inclusion

WEEK 3. Digital and physical environment for esports

WEEK 4. Esports and Business

WEEK 5. Conclusion and evaluation.

MOOC delivered in English, Spanish or French with lectures, interviews, lives, gaming, quiz, forums and other activities.

The target audience is not the gamers and the e-athletes but, mostly, for their families, for community center managers, for educators, for territorial strategists, for politicians… For anyone willing to discover and learn more about esports without any gaming background.