Esports centers & social inclusion

The project

The project entitled Esports Centers & Social Inclusion (ECSI) consists of a European collaboration supporting the development, experimentation and diffusion of an innovating territorial concept in the emerging field of esports. Esports correspond to the competitive practise of video gaming. It is sparking an extraordinary level of enthusiasm in Europe and around the world.

The project is going to explore different issues of esports through cross research, local experimentation, and exchanges with socio-professional organisations. Throughout the production and dissemination of open-source, high-quality academic resources in multiple languages and under the form of teaching scenarios dealing with esports related questions, the project aims at contributing actively to making.

Based on three concrete commitments

1. Write an European charter managing professional and amateur organisations (associations, clubs, or educational institutions) with a view to contributing to an ethical, inclusive, and sustainable practice of esports.

2. Create educational material within the field of esports, and to promote skills throughout a MOOC on raising awareness about esports, a pedagogical resources bank, and a game skills base.

3.  Create an European university network about multidisciplinary research in esports.

Spanning over 36 months, this project mobilise more than 90 participants – including teachers, researchers, learning engineers and professional associations from private and public sector and relating to esports – to represent the variety of European-level dynamics and customs of the practice (Spain, Finland, France and the UK).